Thursday, 30 August 2012

Tips, Tricks and Ideas for Writing and Creating Great Content for Your Blog

While there might be many different aspects when it comes to creating a successful blog (and becoming a successful blogger), content remains one of the most important.

Content is central to your blog success; it is the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful blog. Good content can propel your blog towards unprecedented success, but a blog which fails to produce quality content will not only lose its traffic, it will not be able to attract any new loyal followers and will ultimately end up falling flat on its face.

So then, the question really is, how can you (or what can you do to) produce, create, craft and market great content for your blog on a consistent basis – that provides value to, and engages a large group of visitors, successfully building a large, loyal traffic base?

Here’s how:

1. Know Your Audience

Every good marketing campaign begins with identifying your target audience, and determining your niche. As someone who will be marketing his content on a regular basis, you should know who exactly it is to whom you’ll be marketing it to.

Knowing your target audience is essential, especially in the beginning. Doing this will allow you to know who exactly you’re writing for, letting you tailor your content accordingly.

The ability to tailor your content for your potential and existing readers will be crucial when it comes to attracting targeted traffic to your blog!

2. Quality over Quantity, Always!

When it comes to writing, remember that quality always takes precedence over quantity. How much (or how little) you write is irrelevant, but what really counts is how well you write. A well-written 500 word article will always be better than an badly-written 2000 word piece. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t write long articles, however the amount of words in an article should never be a priority.

Write quality, write well and get your point across without worrying about writing long or short posts.

3. Provide Readers with Value

Using your writing to provide your readers with value is one of the best things you can do with your blog to ensure that you end up creating the best possible content for it. For instance think how you can write content that is valuable to the readers in your niche or industry. What can you do that no one else is doing, how can you be different, how can stand out from the crowd?

Maybe you can give advice, provide statistics, provide your readers with breaking news and be the first one to do so, or something else.

Remember that the purpose of your blogging effort is to make the lives of people easier on some way or the other. How you go about doing that depends on you!

4. Use Words and Terms that People Can Relate To

Your writing should reflect that you know about, and are aware of the trends, buzz-words and jargon that is commonly used in the industry. Use words, phrases and terms that people who will be most interested in reading your content can actually relate to. Speak their language!

Doing so will allow you to be able to differentiate yourself from the competition, sound fresh and of course, compete for less-competitive keywords/phrases or maybe even newer keywords that no one else in industry might be using.

5. Be Consistent

Consistent in terms of (a) the theme of your content, and (b) the frequency at which you churn out content. Lets look at both individually:

The general theme of your posts needs to be consistent. If you write on politics, avoid writing on sports or technology – it is irrelevant to the theme of your blog, your posts and will probably be useless information for readers.

Secondly, be consistent in actually how frequently you write your posts. I know that it is easier said than done, and most people (especially those who single-handedly manage their own blogs) might not be able to produce content on a daily basis due to certain constraints. However the good news is that you don’t need to. Do your blogging on the weekends, or try putting up a new post twice a week by working on it a little bit every day before going to sleep. However make sure that you write well and produce the best that you possibly can.

6.  Write Compelling Titles

Your post title or headline should be so compelling, it should draw people in to read what you have to say. Be creative when coming up with a title. For instance you could quantify your post (e.g. 10 Ideas for Interesting Post Titles) or try using adjectives to hype it up (15 Outstanding Strategies to Create Mind-Blowingly Good Content for your Blog).

Don’t forget to back it up with actually delivering what your promised through your content.

7. Stay on Top of Industry News

Creating great content involves a lot of know-how, information and knowledge about whatever it is that you’re writing. Keeping on top of industry trends, news and the happenings is essential; without this knowledge you’ll essentially have nothing to write about.

By keeping yourself updated and on top of what happens in your niche, you get material to work with, stuff to write about, and create some truly great articles.

Subscribe to the RSS and email alerts of any and all of the best websites in your niche. Follow and subscribe to the industry leaders. Watch trending hashtags. Use Google Alerts to subscribe for alerts for keywords relevant to your niche.

8. Do Interviews

People want access to industry leaders. They want to know their opinions, thoughts and what they might have to say about things happening within the industry. You can use your blog to do precisely this.

Try getting access to someone who’s seen as an authority in your niche. Send out a well-written email, with the objective of setting up time for an appointment, and requesting him or her for an interview. Come up with a list of questions you’d want to ask during the interview (ask your Facebook/Twitter/blog followers if they would want to ask something too!) and record your session on camera.

Remember that if you cannot physically meet up with the said person, you don’t need to. You can go for a Skype-based interview, over the phone, text-chat or simply send in your list of questions via email.

Alternatively, you can also ask people in your niche to use your product (or service) and ask for their opinion on what they think of your product and your brand. An endorsement for someone who’s an established, authority player in the field would do your sales wonders!

9. Use Images and Videos

Pretty self-explanatory. Long walls of text without any images are boring. Add images (relevant images) to spice things up.

Avoid adding excessive amounts of pictures or images though; it’ll only take attention off your write-up and make your post look like an untidy mess. Use images moderately, and only where needed. A picture speaks a thousand words, as they say!

In a similar way, embed Youtube videos to your posts where required. For instance if you’re doing a tutorial post, add videos off Youtube where required.

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